From our friend and organbuilder Vitaliy

we learn that he was also drafted into the military in Lviv (Lemberg). His wife and daughter managed to escape to Poland for the time being.
We offered him our help and hope that the resistance of free Ukraine against Russian aggression will have consequences.
Walcker was active in Ukraine several times, so an e-positive was sent to Worsel. I was in Zhitomir in 2013 on the occasion of a restoration request in the Roman-Catholic Church and made various proposals. There is also a quite passable travel report from Ukraine. Also in the Evang. church in Schitomir a Walcker organ was built under Opus 1709. At that time I had the opportunity to talk with two bishops about the political situation in the country.
With Vitaliy we were able to do beautiful restorations both in Costa Rica and San Salvador.

we are very sad about this development, but assure the whole Ukraine our deepest solidarity.

(Reisebericht von gwm: reise-nach-schitomir (1))

Gerhard Walcker-Mayer

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